BASS Speedrun WORLD RECORD | 9.84s | 100% Glitchless (4 Strings)

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First ever BASS Speedrun world record. 4 strings, fingerstyle, glitchless, 100%
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Davie504 преди месец
Only 1 in 7.5 trillion chances to beat this speedrun.. good luck
Johnny Waldo
Johnny Waldo преди 2 дни
Giorgio Teranzini check him out
Doug Harville
Doug Harville преди 2 дни
Davie, I did this challenge on 69 lmao different instruments. Please check it out and slap like on it to give me the energy to do it on 420 more instruments.
Johnny Waldo
Johnny Waldo преди 8 дни
Stefano Scola 6.06 seconds new world record
RekTo5 преди 10 дни
Please don't make a green blob reference even here...
Slinky преди 12 дни
i got 0:01.69 on bongo drum. Epic.
Felix 451
Felix 451 преди 3 часа
That is call extreme metal
Cool Gadgets
Cool Gadgets преди 7 часа
Very impressive... can you play bass guitar with cat sounds? btw, I love cats
Mike Denkinger
Mike Denkinger преди ден
I have just stopped following Formula One now that we know that "Fretboard Racing" has now been invented. No longer do I have to deal with Ferrari coming in 2nd every year because Mercedes has a better car. No longer do I have to worry about whether or not Daniel Ricciardo is going to have to switch teams because his current team has the wrong engine in their car. No longer will I have to worry about whether or not gene Haas finally gives up on having an American F1 team that can finish somewhere in the top half of the field consistently. Now with fretboard racing, we will have to set regulations on neck with fanned frets versus straight frets, fretboard width, radius and fret height.....just like the rules of aerodynamics and other car specs throughout the racing world. SLAP!
Finblading преди 2 дни
4:21 snoop dog💥
HiFiMonki преди 2 дни
The cheat speed run was first discovered by samurai guitarist when he challenged Adam neely to do this. 😉
Tanz преди 2 дни
Typhoon Hunter
Typhoon Hunter преди 2 дни
Looks like chandler in thumbnail lol XD
Pritish Barbara
Pritish Barbara преди 2 дни
You should invite Leo from Frog leap studio, he also slap
Pritish Barbara
Pritish Barbara преди 2 дни
I mean Bass
James Charles
James Charles преди 3 дни
eugene rey costina
eugene rey costina преди 3 дни
felipe andreoli defeated davie:))))) in only 6.55s
Harshal Bhagwat
Harshal Bhagwat преди 3 дни
Hey Davie, Rob Landes did a checkmate to you in one of his Fiverr videos. What about that 😂😂😂😂
Payton The Bassist
Payton The Bassist преди 4 дни
That thumbnail tho
Aleksandr N
Aleksandr N преди 4 дни
or you could play with a picc and get 4 seconds
Adelina Xu
Adelina Xu преди 4 дни
"1:12", that's ROBLOX...... not MINECRAFT.... -_-
fOR pLAYERs преди 4 дни
I have seen a lot of bassists beating your time man, you are more like a "grooving" kinda bassist and I like it... But now I see you are not as humility as I expected.
Raffael900me преди 5 дни
glitches and no shortcuts?? Pog Clap
joaquin contreras osorio
joaquin contreras osorio преди 6 дни
you must ear to ''Christian Galvez'' ... xD
Wesley Carvalho
Wesley Carvalho преди 6 дни
chama o felipe andreoli kkk resolvido.
Victor Ramos Barbosa
Victor Ramos Barbosa преди 6 дни
Kharvi Associates
Kharvi Associates преди 6 дни
Paul David's has a better accent Checkmate
Rak Ibanez
Rak Ibanez преди 7 дни
John myung is laughing right now 😂😂😂
LGP преди 7 дни
Big brain moves
cdurand510 преди 7 дни
Joe Satriani would call speedrun format 2, Exercise #1.
Daniel Kolbin
Daniel Kolbin преди 8 дни
Could be pretty each for piano, Melodicas, & others, right? Probably hard for Oboes, Violin, & others.
Johnny Waldo
Johnny Waldo преди 8 дни
Stefano Scola : Speed run 6.06 seconds. Is he the fastest check it out?
PIOTREX YT преди 8 дни
*Very* _epico_
Luiz Felipe
Luiz Felipe преди 8 дни
poxa o cara abandonou o challenge, só porque foi trucidado pelos concorrentes.
Ukulele Legal
Ukulele Legal преди 6 дни
Pat Green
Pat Green преди 8 дни
13s burrito is not even impressive
Mosquito преди 9 дни
do you still have ur pewdiepie chair??
楊秉燐 преди 9 дни
How can a triangle enter the battle?
Alessio Profili
Alessio Profili преди 9 дни
8 seconds
Tudorinc преди 10 дни
1 Min and 26 secs thank you very much - they call me Slo-hand
Gamified Ankit
Gamified Ankit преди 10 дни
At 4:20 there is Dr. Dre on bottom right
Γιάννης Χαϊνάς
Γιάννης Χαϊνάς преди 10 дни
DraftTiger преди 10 дни
No one else notice the tiny Snoop Dog in the bottom right corner at 4:20?
DraftTiger преди 10 дни
One guy. I saw one other guy comment about it lol.
NellyJelly Belly
NellyJelly Belly преди 11 дни
i hit every note in 6 minutes and it was awesome 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🐖
Black Metal
Black Metal преди 12 дни
Well Davie its ok u have made a world record and speedrun on ur own. Its really great man. But to set an official world record u actually have to play Flight of the bumblebee. Pretty much every string instrument speed playing world record consisted of them playing Flight of the bumblebee and i think its the rule of the Guinness Book of world record. I don't think anyone had set a world record by playing Flight of the bumblebee on bass. But I'm pretty sure if u play the song at 300 bpm then it will be a world record.
Robert Carnes
Robert Carnes преди 12 дни
Brian Clingenpeel
Brian Clingenpeel преди 12 дни
I like these the more I see them
Joshua David
Joshua David преди 12 дни
that part where he said guitar and the picture shown is trumpet is really lit 😂😂😂🔥
Alex Noble
Alex Noble преди 13 дни
What? Leave a comment? Not just slap like? :O
Red eye Loner new life
Red eye Loner new life преди 13 дни
Does he know that his "OMG" is becoming a meme
Random Youtuber
Random Youtuber преди 9 дни
Yes a dead meme
Ross smith
Ross smith преди 13 дни
Luna Star
Luna Star преди 13 дни
Jk I did it in 0.1 seconds
Luna Star
Luna Star преди 13 дни
I played it in 5 seconds lol
Simon Linder
Simon Linder преди 13 дни
ayitstrip преди 13 дни
0.01s on the FL piano roll Checkmate.
saturnative преди 13 дни
4 seconds too slow.
Josef Zeitoun
Josef Zeitoun преди 13 дни
That Snoop Dogg In the corner at 4:20 is the work of a true mastermind
juan pablo cardenas montañez
juan pablo cardenas montañez преди 10 дни
True mastermind x2 😂
Heretic Wizard
Heretic Wizard преди 14 дни
I miss old good times when Davie was silent
Tute преди 14 дни
So .. no follow up to this? I was expecting to see a co op between Davie and Felipe ...
Nick Llama
Nick Llama преди 14 дни
Extremely Confused Police: "So you want to report someone for... playing more than one note... at the same time... in a bass... speedrun?" Davie: "Yes. Stronzi."
naty tobio
naty tobio преди 14 дни
thats roblox davie
Tecci преди 14 дни
"I bought the whole bass, I'm gonna use the whole bass"
Daniele Belleni
Daniele Belleni преди 14 дни
Ciao stronzo
BassTabs World
BassTabs World преди 14 дни
nice movie .. but why he doing this ?
Матвей Кайдалов
Матвей Кайдалов преди 14 дни
You forgot open notes😅
Junior. Wu
Junior. Wu преди 15 дни
felipe Andreoli do Angra Beat a New record
gooble69 преди 15 дни
Clever way to get players to practice their fretwork. Gamification executed perfectly :)
Salmo 35
Salmo 35 преди 15 дни
" daggheeee.... belin ma hai le dita come un polpo fuori come un poggiolo, non c'è lo facciamo menare da nessuno in Liguria quando c'è da battere dei record bravo David, se vedemmù a Marassi se ti passi da, ste parti 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🎸☮️🌟1️⃣🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Migz Manrique
Migz Manrique преди 15 дни
It is considered as a Guinness World Record only if an Official Guinness World of Record Adjudicator is at present of the attempt.
Salnos преди 14 дни
Thanks for the clarification
Jonathan Roy
Jonathan Roy преди 15 дни
Time for Herman Li to submit a guitar WR attempt!
Camron Burrow
Camron Burrow преди 15 дни
Anyone else see snoop dog?
Darvin преди 15 дни
0:35 I have that guitar
Patrick Miller
Patrick Miller преди 15 дни
My guy Tony Dickinson did it in 6.08s. Thanks for issuing the challenge, Davie
Bruno Santos
Bruno Santos преди 15 дни
you got defeated by Felipe Andreoli from Angra. Shame on you.
Asta Sainkata
Asta Sainkata преди 15 дни
It sounds a no little bit like the siren head😂 2:40
Raúl Zárate
Raúl Zárate преди 15 дни
Very imposible
Pulak plays
Pulak plays преди 16 дни
4:20 who notice that meme
Otavio Aleatório
Otavio Aleatório преди 16 дни
Billy Sheehan challenged
Danilo Gomes
Danilo Gomes преди 16 дни
3:31 Caralho! O Felipe eh mto sortudo!
Monnaman Meshauff
Monnaman Meshauff преди 16 дни
Ozcar Bleyk2
Ozcar Bleyk2 преди 16 дни
No entiendo un carajo pero son graciosos sus videos xD
Gman Nikonov
Gman Nikonov преди 16 дни
Спасибо!!! Было интересно!!
OrionVortex преди 16 дни
those roblox usernames tho.. ima search.. idk y but cant stop thinking about it
Renz Gaming OFFICIAL
Renz Gaming OFFICIAL преди 16 дни
Bass god bass god
petrycho84 преди 16 дни
Nikita Marchenko(Nick Senpai) vs Davie504
Tadol Kordtong
Tadol Kordtong преди 17 дни
Do it on the 32 strings bass
Bogya Hunor
Bogya Hunor преди 17 дни
1:10 Minecraft‽‽ Wtf 😂
Mathias Barbosa
Mathias Barbosa преди 17 дни
Brazil 2 x 0 davie
Paul Weiner
Paul Weiner преди 17 дни
One of you best videos yet, you are meme master
DrxppyJ YT
DrxppyJ YT преди 17 дни
Categories: 100% All Notes%
MemerMcMemer преди 17 дни
I got 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 with the triangle
MemerMcMemer преди 17 дни
This is a joke
Bononia Patria nostra
Bononia Patria nostra преди 17 дни
here you can see the difference between being famous on youtube and knowing how to play well, the fact that you have learned to play self-taught has limited you a mess, because to play bass for years, your speed is low. as my guitar teacher says: being famous on the internet is one thing, knowing how to play well is another thing.
The Show of Tedy Bears
The Show of Tedy Bears преди 17 дни
My firend: why doesn't he just use a pick? Me: we don't do that here
Mariano _
Mariano _ преди 17 дни
I play the triangle. Trying the speedrun I deformed it into a circle.
Leonel Xapoca
Leonel Xapoca преди 17 дни
Sorry преди 17 дни
Barre: )0)
Nelly V
Nelly V преди 18 дни
Very impressive, but can you challenge Marcin Patrzalek?
Hector Cuartero
Hector Cuartero преди 18 дни
oHH MMyye GAhsd
oven преди 18 дни
you just got owned by tony dickinson brother
Isak emgz
Isak emgz преди 18 дни
Quisiera algún día tocar como tú 🖤
TonyDickinsonBG преди 18 дни
6.08 seconds on my channel. I'm coming for you, Davie...
Chloe Eller
Chloe Eller преди 18 дни
My dad can play bass and I can
Mauricio Soerensen
Mauricio Soerensen преди 18 дни
where is the result?
Gui N00b
Gui N00b преди 18 дни
4:20 snop dogo
Eran Plays
Eran Plays преди 18 дни
Congrats my man u have 9mill!
Janith Rajapakse
Janith Rajapakse преди 18 дни
Play GOAT by Polyphia on Bass😐
DulleCo преди 18 дни
Not mentioning violin hurts man
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