Did He Just Play an IMPOSSIBLE Bassline??

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I went on Fiverr and paid bassists to create the hardest bassline ever. And then I played them back on my BASS. checkmate
Slap like now, it's the law
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0:00 Intro
0:40 Hiring bassists
1:28 Reacting & playing the Basslines
9:38 PRO Bassist IMPOSSIBLE bass
11:30 My own Hardest Bassline
Spotify: open.spotify.com/album/5m7SFVMTfNvv7dyqfa00G3
iTunes: itunes.apple.com/album/id1122291881?ls=1&app=itunes

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Davie504 преди 3 месеца
slap like or I'll destroy your toilet
lydell james
lydell james преди 4 дни
Your good, but can you play that Victor Wooten Solo from Hali baba ? I think nooobody can get that Solo 😀
Brandon Herygers
Brandon Herygers преди 7 дни
I already destroyed my toilet myself. Checkmate Davie504.
Fanboy243 преди 10 дни
dont destroy my toilet i hab diarrhea xD
syahnik daniall
syahnik daniall преди 24 дни
don t destroy my toilet
Drs Hariyanto MM
Drs Hariyanto MM преди месец
I have no toilet.. wek...
Saraan Asim
Saraan Asim преди 3 часа
I ' slapped' the already slapped button when you asked me to slap it . I had to slap it again .
Cool Gadgets
Cool Gadgets преди 7 часа
Very impressive... can you play bass guitar with cat sounds? btw, I love cats
Lisa Colbert
Lisa Colbert преди 9 часа
I’m not sure how the algorithm connected us , Davie , but you’re in my 2021 top 5 YT favs so far . Kept thinking , “this guy is using mediocre bass playing to support mediocre humor or vice versa”. How very wrong I was . If someone had described this channel and recommended it , ZZzzz. I love being wrong sometimes !
David Eckmyre
David Eckmyre преди 14 часа
Davie....I slapped like now.... and it wanted more...OMG. I felt the cringe, but I need you to know I play Bass, because guitar=bad. I also need you to know I need a longer Therapy time, because by the time I get to my point you are finished and I am not done venting yet..phhhph...(water on screen)...sad...so now it's 420... I need to SLAPP the bass like you, I have played for years and years, but I don't have an Icon like you to show me..phhhph. So I will SLAPP myself until you give lessons on your secrets...a true Christian will reach out and slapp me with my need. Thanks Dave...no ie. (invision slapp here)....slapp!!!
DjinnGSXR преди 14 часа
Charles' bassline destroyed your toilet. Sorry davie.
Aman Ansari
Aman Ansari преди ден
Fresh new strings for bassline no. 9
Polleggio преди ден
Who is the guy at 6:47?
Younes Sahraoui
Younes Sahraoui преди ден
You sasha Cohen looking ass, u actually funny and talented with the bass. Is nice !!!
kak' enal
kak' enal преди 3 дни
Try the chanel reaction of Fingerstyle guitarist Alip-ba-ta, guaranteed to be immersed in the game🤭
Jerry G
Jerry G преди 3 дни
Davie504 has been dethroned
radio cynic
radio cynic преди 4 дни
"who do you think did the best job?" *davie504*
Skinny Yeptho
Skinny Yeptho преди 4 дни
Pete Colone
Pete Colone преди 4 дни
Your sick! U goofie bastard.
Rashed Elamin
Rashed Elamin преди 4 дни
bassline #6 is my favourite
OnPointFirearms преди 5 дни
Dude, Charles destroys you in bass wars!!!
Igor Car
Igor Car преди 5 дни
Suppressio Hibernicis
Suppressio Hibernicis преди 6 дни
Such a character😂, brilliant
Exter Eem
Exter Eem преди 6 дни
Great stuff very funny indeed
Outloud444 преди 7 дни
Wow - nice job - good luck
Pierre PISU
Pierre PISU преди 8 дни
You hope we enjoyed this video?!? MA, ACCIDENT! COME potrebbe essere altrimenti ?!?
Mdoudow Mdoudow
Mdoudow Mdoudow преди 8 дни
All their basses are belong to him.
Kilonda Raymond
Kilonda Raymond преди 9 дни
That last PRO bassline is epic!!! worth using in an anime
Brett Vickery
Brett Vickery преди 9 дни
more expensive bass sounds better ay ? it also plays "Smoother" !
mickael creton
mickael creton преди 9 дни
davie ... your bass sound is amazingly loud !!! i lve it .!! OMG
Idan Talker
Idan Talker преди 9 дни
iLoveChopin преди 10 дни
I love davie and charles. My two favs
Leilight преди 10 дни
Waiting for 300k like.
Sergio Lai
Sergio Lai преди 10 дни
10:30 "STRONZO" hahahahahahahahaa
jmichaeljj преди 10 дни
Check out Dr Funk
Izzaldeen Jaber
Izzaldeen Jaber преди 11 дни
Your bass line is the best
Bruce Douglas
Bruce Douglas преди 11 дни
Agree w/your 2 faves-Chas B's Tears for Fears cover great too...wonder if he plays gtr? Shame you disqualified someone for using gtr.strings-still great solo tho likely a guitarist too. On previous video Tia +Ayume (spelling?)outstanding !
Aman Srivastava
Aman Srivastava преди 11 дни
I just realized Davie provides content to so many people
Diego Cabascango
Diego Cabascango преди 11 дни
Violin bass has a true bass sound XD
Will Mutt
Will Mutt преди 12 дни
#4 is my favorite. Hints of bossa nova and not at all beginner-ish :)
editMota преди 12 дни
james morson
james morson преди 12 дни
9:12 i started to bop my head in my normal groove motion.
Phantom Echelon
Phantom Echelon преди 12 дни
10 million subs - Davie buys a more expensive 🅱A S S so he can sound as good as Charles.
Zach Kopka
Zach Kopka преди 12 дни
The guy you insulted played his part more beautifully than you bro!
Zach Kopka
Zach Kopka преди 12 дни
His tone is way better on those chords
Tom Z
Tom Z преди 13 дни
about 87k missing for another Charles "vs" Davie - we need that! TAP LIKE FFS!
Jakub Ruciński
Jakub Ruciński преди 13 дни
300k likes and another battle with Charles the PRO. Cant wait!!!
captindean преди 14 дни
Slapped it. Let's see.
Dimi Rockeropoulos
Dimi Rockeropoulos преди 14 дни
I didn't know Milo Yiannopoulos could play bass?
Star Blazer
Star Blazer преди 14 дни
I know an older guy that lives off the grid. He plays bass guitar. Now I've played guitar since the 70s and have been blessed to have played with some of the best in NOLA, but this guy really is something different in how he plays. Seriously, he won't even take a picture because he's paranoid of facial recognition software lol. I wonder how many people like him are our there?
Jeffrey Tackett
Jeffrey Tackett преди 15 дни
It looks like the Fiver bassist community has started to take advantage of Davie's willingness to pay. Suddenly there are very mediocre bassists charging near $100.
Just Menard
Just Menard преди 15 дни
Well, I got slapped again. Guess this'll leave a mark
Michał Mazur
Michał Mazur преди 15 дни
9:49 his 🅱️ass is so djent
Justin Akers
Justin Akers преди 15 дни
Yeah maybe the worst year ever for people in their 20s up to there 50s. Guarantee some men out there who served our country of had a lot worse years than this
Александра Дементьева
Александра Дементьева преди 15 дни
Holy shit number nine is awesome
Leonel Santamaria
Leonel Santamaria преди 15 дни
How many likes to David504 coating finger nails
Jakub Ruciński
Jakub Ruciński преди 15 дни
Ntsuvv Aye
Ntsuvv Aye преди 16 дни
No 9 was great but you are greater than him, I really enjoyed all the base line.
Glenn Gorden
Glenn Gorden преди 16 дни
Don't slap me 😬
Glenn Gorden
Glenn Gorden преди 16 дни
Charles got you just a little
Max преди 16 дни
How do you not have a 24 fret??
Mark Grabowski
Mark Grabowski преди 16 дни
Charles is amazing but than again so is Davie. I love how they continue to challenge eachother!
Kanha patole
Kanha patole преди 16 дни
tran quang linh
tran quang linh преди 17 дни
6:50 is why we are here
Leyder Valencia
Leyder Valencia преди 17 дни
I know a complicated solo for you @davie504
BlueSpyUSA преди 18 дни
I actually thought that up until the 30 odd quid one Davey liked the first bloke was best in value for money?
tierby5 voisonduzero
tierby5 voisonduzero преди 18 дни
You're the best, STRONZO! 🤣🤣✌️
Nathan Law
Nathan Law преди 18 дни
almost 10m keep up
michigan man
michigan man преди 19 дни
slap the ads off plz
Jx7 jamz
Jx7 jamz преди 20 дни
🤣😅🤣 the 1st 2 ripped themselves off!! ... last guy got you. ... I can't tho. Dope vid. I still need my $83.
Jx7 jamz
Jx7 jamz преди 20 дни
... tf is my $83 ??
Jx7 jamz
Jx7 jamz преди 20 дни
creto Olsen
creto Olsen преди 20 дни
I've been drumming 51 yrs. and you are the man, I love your attitude I was a nut job on the drums, I totally love your attitude,
laeronym преди 20 дни
Charles... He is really up in top 3 best bassists right now.
Noah Piro
Noah Piro преди 20 дни
Do you think you’ll ever replace your headphones? Your muffs look pretty worn out
Enrico Barresi
Enrico Barresi преди 20 дни
Slap that basso stronzo 🤣😜😜
Andres A.
Andres A. преди 21 ден
We need another bass battle between davie and the pro!!
CrashWelder преди 22 дни
No Charles is a better bassist than you. Sorry bro
antiisocial преди 22 дни
Very cool
Roby Setiawan
Roby Setiawan преди 22 дни
Yo Dav, what u eat?
Leo Gwan
Leo Gwan преди 22 дни
Davie give me money right now! No coment
The Pillager
The Pillager преди 23 дни
i don't have toilet :P
Vanus Peterson
Vanus Peterson преди 23 дни
Charles the pro is the best. He obviously has paid his dues.
Kilonda Raymond
Kilonda Raymond преди 23 дни
He shot this in portrait mode UNBELIEVABLE... I'm dead ahahahah
DJ Philantropic Impulse
DJ Philantropic Impulse преди 24 дни
the look on Davie's face @ 10:18 def worth the 107 bucks and i'd still leave a extra tip for EPICNESS
Virtrial преди 24 дни
Glad I'm not the only one who pees in the sink.
Frank From Upstate NY
Frank From Upstate NY преди 24 дни
You're all good. You're all gifted by God...only wish I was. I say: "forget milk...Got Jesus Yet?" Imagine who well Jesus Christ can play! Starts a fire, every time.
Stefan Bartz
Stefan Bartz преди 24 дни
Michael Pleskovich
Michael Pleskovich преди 24 дни
You make them all look easy (for you. Arduous for anyone else.) Who are you? Why don't I know? Phenomenal!
Nasty-M преди 25 дни
Love the number 8
Joseph R3grET
Joseph R3grET преди 25 дни
No do not destroy, I shit in my sink way too often, thank the Bass god for sink garbage disposals. But you can destroy the toilet, I have a dishwasher now so I dont use the toilet anymore. Edit: 5 mins in and, why does it seem like the cheaper basslines were way more complex than the more expensive ones? Like that $33 line was, kind of a joke compared to that amazing $7 line. Lets hope they get better and become what they're worth. Edit2: wow 6 was dope but hoooooly shit 9 was wicked INCREDIBLE!
Tommy Picco
Tommy Picco преди 26 дни
I prefer charles...the expansive bass doesn't matter
Manav Jairam
Manav Jairam преди 26 дни
The speed at which he said checkmate cracked me up
OMEBIREM EOGNUT преди 26 дни
Watching Davie 504 makes BGcd regret for not having Smiley button instead of the like buttons
Adhitya преди 26 дни
10:02 to 10:05..so much happened in just 3 seconds
Davide Fender
Davide Fender преди 26 дни
Berthoud è una bella bega ammettilo ahah ciao Davide 504 ✌️
Kristian Thaler
Kristian Thaler преди 27 дни
Last dude wrote a fucking sequel to through the fire and flames, and it looks like he got his bass straight outa hell. Why have I never heard of this legend.
James Nuckles
James Nuckles преди 27 дни
Davie and charles dueling basses on stage
The Asylum INC
The Asylum INC преди 27 дни
I absolutly love buddy, he's amazing. But must say he nvr plays the exact bass lines.. Hence the "my take ".... But good try. Still badass
Ethan Camacho
Ethan Camacho преди 27 дни
11:11 What? I just finished watching a video of the most expensive basses he owns why won’t he use the $10,000 version
gamestories Movies
gamestories Movies преди 27 дни
Davie keeps giving him money so he can duel him against his will.
aljosar10 преди 28 дни
Anyone noticed only the fingers when Charles and Davie played? Watch closely how different it feels and looks. Tapping is not Davie main technique, but when he plays Charles solo, it looks like his fingers are dancing in a very smooth and beautiful way, while Charles fingers look abit more harder and not so smooth. It is just my opinion, but everyone can agree that Davie played this tapping part perfectly and its not his main technique. Just shows you he really is the best of them all, above everyone! EPICO!
aljosar10 преди 18 дни
Obviously not as clean as Charles. Everything is different, bass (frets), strings, amp and so on... It would not sound any different on the exact same stuff I believe. They are both great and amazing to listen as hell!
Gilberto Velazquez Hernandez
Gilberto Velazquez Hernandez преди 23 дни
​@Mike McNeil Yeah, all jokes aside, Davie is a really good bassist (few are at his level), but Charles is close or already at virtuoso level: you can see that Charles has a more orthodox, structured and developed technique, while Davie is more of street learner technique. With that in hindsinght, I am actually impressed that Davie was able to play the part and it sounded good, although not as clean and refined as Charles.
Mike McNeil
Mike McNeil преди 26 дни
Charles has practiced something called economy of motion to an absurd degree, and Davie has not to the same extent. Economy of motion means moving as little as possible to do what you aim to do. It lets you be faster and more precise because you waste less time and energy on movement that isn't accomplishing anything. It isn't necessarily "pretty" but it is practical. Early on, there is an entire 2-handed tapping section where Davie doesn't use his left hand at all. Later, there's the section where he just strums where Charles played distinct notes. Davie did an amazing job to learn that solo by ear and play it as well as he did, but his version isn't as clean because he hasn't practiced economy of motion and had to make compromises where he simply didn't have the dexterity or precision replicate Charles' line exactly.
john fellas
john fellas преди 28 дни
Would be cool to check a battle
Rendang Kuda
Rendang Kuda преди 28 дни
#2 looks like rowan atkinson . haahahhaa
Mr Slam
Mr Slam преди 28 дни
you freak davie, you made me clicked the like button
Pol Kim
Pol Kim преди 28 дни
You loss he better LOL
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