I play the PIANO for the first time EVER

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I play the piano for the first time ever on this channel
What should I play next? Leave a comment NOW
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Davie504 преди 4 месеца
i'm the *piano* guy
Arun K
Arun K преди 21 ден
No you are the man of all intrument
HandsomeKim преди 2 месеца
@Kennil ꪜ that gross
JacobDoesFunStuff преди 2 месеца
no your the bass guy
Carly tayomg
Carly tayomg преди 2 месеца
Judah Buell
Judah Buell преди 2 месеца
Mac Kevin Espejo
Mac Kevin Espejo преди 13 минути
Bring in the Drums 🤘
lueroth преди 9 часа
PLAY IT ON BASS (because I can't😢)
George Kakhidze
George Kakhidze преди 11 часа
Have you ever heard about Chonguri. 🤣🤣 Georgian traditional BASE. you will love it.
Ryan Belcina
Ryan Belcina преди 15 часа
please please electric guitar and play enter sandman!!!! or acoustic guitar and play despacito!!!! damn good bass player davie 504 from the Philippines!!!
turbohusque преди ден
Avarice преди ден
Very impressed. You'd be a great jazz pianist.
Jyotirmay Das
Jyotirmay Das преди ден
Till 34 seconds I was thinking why didn't u say SLAAAAAAAAP....
DARK2E1D преди 2 дни
Play Eddie van Halens guitar solo from beat it ...... on your bass i bet you can never do it
Rudra Sawant
Rudra Sawant преди 2 дни
He can play every instrument perfectly
Chris Chin
Chris Chin преди 2 дни
Is the sheet music for this anywhere?
CLEON SUB!!! преди 3 дни
NOICE BUT NO PEDALS USE (anyways legend of all time)
Robbie Barrell
Robbie Barrell преди 4 дни
Why I am such a talentless loser
WeaPianOnIst преди 4 дни
Wow, looks like he made it to day 2 of Simply Piano!
MEGA MOSULUS преди 4 дни
But it was pretty good
MEGA MOSULUS преди 4 дни
I do not believe that he played the piano for the first time
Amie преди 5 дни
Schwabelbuting преди 5 дни
What are the name of the songs?
Greasy преди 5 дни
Synth piano
Harvee Cue
Harvee Cue преди 5 дни
That was my instrument bro! Piano and bass are great!
NeedyJay преди 6 дни
That thing is easy
Atik Attar
Atik Attar преди 6 дни
I Am Also A Piano Guy! BUT, On Android Phone! Can't Afford Real Piano!😭
Cyndvil Enriquez
Cyndvil Enriquez преди 6 дни
So nice
Michael Pereira
Michael Pereira преди 7 дни
Of course... The first song he plays...🤦
Sᴜᴢᴀᴋᴜ 愛
Sᴜᴢᴀᴋᴜ 愛 преди 7 дни
Ur PanPiano!!
Rizky Mercury
Rizky Mercury преди 7 дни
Fun Fact: Piano is 88/230 strings bass No. He is playing a bass.
khusnildeo преди 7 дни
He revealed his ears😂😂😂👏👏👏👏
Rat Garcia
Rat Garcia преди 8 дни
I'm in Vinheterio's side now
Ramon Rincon
Ramon Rincon преди 8 дни
Hi. I think trumpet is a good idea!
javier reyesvillanueva
javier reyesvillanueva преди 8 дни
Toxical Pitty
Toxical Pitty преди 8 дни
ROBOLIOTION преди 8 дни
Gaming With tom 2
Gaming With tom 2 преди 8 дни
No you not piano guy
KNIGHT XR преди 8 дни
I wish musicalbasics also commented '-'...
Among Us Player
Among Us Player преди 9 дни
po co ci to
po co ci to преди 9 дни
Wait... So... that was a spoiler for what will happends. Kind of.
Darshit преди 9 дни
You should play Rush E on the piano!!
Teodor Pertea
Teodor Pertea преди 9 дни
Piano = 88 strings bass Unfortunately, my piano has only 61 strings (with 6 C notes and 5 of each of the rest 11 kinds of notes), but it has enough strings to sing my favorite songs
Kanye Fuller
Kanye Fuller преди 9 дни
This guy looks like Davie504 but with hair.
pudim mal feito
pudim mal feito преди 9 дни
O M G, but can you play the piano with bananas?
Scythe преди 10 дни
is that a Japanese Piano?
COCTEL #yolo si vive una volta sola
COCTEL #yolo si vive una volta sola преди 10 дни
Non hai messo i sottotitoli io come faccio a capire ora
Franz Liszt
Franz Liszt преди 11 дни
Bad hand posture
speck преди 11 дни
God bless you guys!
ø.ѕтχяяувєяяχу BÏGGËST fân.ø
ø.ѕтχяяувєяяχу BÏGGËST fân.ø преди 11 дни
Dayummmmm 🤩 I have been playing piano for 2 years and can't play this good ✋💀 😭😭😭😭😭 ✋😀
Kevin Marzano
Kevin Marzano преди 11 дни
Saaaax pls
Channel of others
Channel of others преди 12 дни
You could but that’s not the first time
Matthew Mullo
Matthew Mullo преди 12 дни
Impressive but I think someone like him would have the basic notes down. "he did piano as a Teenager."
P.Pranav Kumar
P.Pranav Kumar преди 12 дни
Try harmonica
RosaPerro123 преди 12 дни
You can admit you like piano better and prefer it to bass and that piano is superior to bass. Also that piano is the harder instrument.
RosaPerro123 преди 13 дни
Never play piano again please.
RosaPerro123 преди 13 дни
There's no way this is real. If this is your actual real first time playing then there is no way you are this good for a first time. This means war for pianist who feel like participating.
No Life King
No Life King преди 13 дни
Still Dre cracked me up.
Noah like Edits
Noah like Edits преди 13 дни
What song was he playing
Kanade Voldigoad
Kanade Voldigoad преди 13 дни
Piano is really good music from ears Me as a pianist be like : nani?!! music in piano is so cool
The Chel
The Chel преди 14 дни
Man, I'm waiting for the song on the 1:10 it's so sick sounding
Marot Mayer
Marot Mayer преди 5 дни
Ik davie made it but does anyone know if it was in a video before?
Salas Merah
Salas Merah преди 10 дни
It was a piano 🎹 slap OMG
Euan Joshua Capitulo
Euan Joshua Capitulo преди 15 дни
What are all the song’s names?
Brian Llavan
Brian Llavan преди 15 дни
but can you play this song on the bass?
Denis Ljubarets
Denis Ljubarets преди 15 дни
Darn mate you are so talented that you make me envy (in a good sense) ;)
Saqib Adnan
Saqib Adnan преди 15 дни
what is the name of 2nd song
Saqib Adnan
Saqib Adnan преди 15 дни
what is the name of 2nd song
Hackerman haunter
Hackerman haunter преди 16 дни
Ok this is what i like to call an epic gamer moment!
Naga Kenzy
Naga Kenzy преди 16 дни
Davie finger can react till the last bar😆
William Forstén
William Forstén преди 17 дни
Why are his headphones on? Any1 wondered that?
YoRulezz TV
YoRulezz TV преди 17 дни
C’mon these are the easiest versions you can choose of, that moonlight sonate didn’t even sound as moonlight sonate to me
Jawad Sandouk
Jawad Sandouk преди 18 дни
2:06 I knew he will do it😂
Alvaro Fernandez-Solino
Alvaro Fernandez-Solino преди 18 дни
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GamerPro9000 преди 18 дни
2:18 u always do that....... I love it
Isaac Martin
Isaac Martin преди 18 дни
Septuple camera angle guy?!?!
Mimoza Ahmeti
Mimoza Ahmeti преди 18 дни
Unlucky me In my birthday playing piano HATE IT LOVE CLARINET
Valdecir Oliveira
Valdecir Oliveira преди 19 дни
Louis Hwang
Louis Hwang преди 19 дни
this is just a 230 string bass
Choice Jamatia
Choice Jamatia преди 19 дни
You play nal dolak in nxt video
Mark Dragon
Mark Dragon преди 19 дни
You’re a monster! You can play any kind of instrument and sound perfectly, amazing! Music trough the vein, EPICO!
Khai Sian
Khai Sian преди 19 дни
Thought you'd never play such an instrument SLAPPER!
Look up To
Look up To преди 19 дни
U play well man!
Sirijan Thakur
Sirijan Thakur преди 19 дни
really impressive
JesperChops преди 20 дни
What were the songs he played called?
Mohammad Fauzy
Mohammad Fauzy преди 20 дни
ngl i'm starting to believe Davie is Pan
Giorgi Glonti
Giorgi Glonti преди 20 дни
Davie's hands are like the president who plays piano in "Monsters vs. Aliens"
Bryan plays YT
Bryan plays YT преди 20 дни
Hey i will not slap the like if you not play Rush E
Tehillah Chloe Cajuday
Tehillah Chloe Cajuday преди 20 дни
hay whatever instrument davie plays, iz just a 100000000000000000000000% always for me
Aswin Sudarsan
Aswin Sudarsan преди 21 ден
This dude is programmed to play all type of instruments
Philosophy Plans
Philosophy Plans преди 21 ден
the most talented guy
Kaushik 24
Kaushik 24 преди 21 ден
I really wished he would play Bohemian Rhapsody
That Guy 615
That Guy 615 преди 21 ден
That went from depressing to jazzy to memes to megalovania to jazzy to depressing. Nice.
Alo Gamings
Alo Gamings преди 22 дни
can anyone pls tell me that which music is this 2:23 after megalovania i just love it
Aaron Sathwik.K
Aaron Sathwik.K преди 22 дни
The long fingers of his help him a lot
Muhammad Iffat Nuqman Rhemi Fazli
Muhammad Iffat Nuqman Rhemi Fazli преди 22 дни
joe watch this plz
Shari Green
Shari Green преди 22 дни
Ho capito che sei italiano, come me, hai un look a metà tra "L'incorruttibile Lupin" e Celentano. 2:58: questa la suonava anche Bosso: "La 12°stanza". Sei NOTEVOLE.
Iron Man
Iron Man преди 22 дни
It was fun
chris xas
chris xas преди 22 дни
I was waiting for giornos theme
Samuel Elisha
Samuel Elisha преди 22 дни
Whats the name of the first melody he plays??....
Samarth Agarwal
Samarth Agarwal преди 23 дни
Slap the piano
princess hannah cute baby
princess hannah cute baby преди 24 дни
u look realy pail
MaxRamirez преди 24 дни
Spoiler: Crossover in the coments..
Balogna преди 24 дни
Thông Trần Hoàng
Thông Trần Hoàng преди 24 дни
Moonlight sonate
Sowieso преди 25 дни
so this means learn BASS = you will know how to play every other instrument.
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