I Speak Normally For The First Time EVER

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преди 15 дни

Speaking and sharing some thoughts about the past few years
also real personality reveal here
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Davie504 преди 14 дни
thanks for the nice comments 🙏🙏🙏
Samuel Chng
Samuel Chng преди 4 дни
Antonio Ardito
Antonio Ardito преди 8 дни
Sei un grande
Pedro Xavier
Pedro Xavier преди 14 дни
god 504
fateh zaki
fateh zaki преди 14 дни
Stay funky bro
Erick Wilcox
Erick Wilcox преди 14 дни
You’re the man Davie! Keep up the great content, seriously we all love your videos!
Medio Slik
Medio Slik преди 2 минути
bro u should really buy a new headphones.
Diogo José Fernandes
Diogo José Fernandes преди 5 минути
"I have more than a personallity "- Fernando Pessoa intensifies
Lelekos преди 9 минути
being watching for years. keep going
Łukasz Bazarnik
Łukasz Bazarnik преди 12 минути
I watched you from time to time but in this video you convinced me to subscribe to your channel. I hope you will reach 10M sub. Good luck from the beginning BGcdr/ and guitarist from Poland.
Rojilin Lyn
Rojilin Lyn преди 54 минути
Your girlfriend sure really love u.😊
Willie Aeromet
Willie Aeromet преди час
Big love from Croatia, very nice video, loved it
Rod Kruz
Rod Kruz преди час
Words of wisdom Davie
DANplayz преди 2 часа
i know how he talk normally 4 months ago 😏
lance G
lance G преди 2 часа
When you said you were going to speak normal for the first time, I was totally expecting to hear you speaking American English, lol. Oh well, I’m actually glad you didn’t. It’s good to know that you’re not just some dude in South Dakota or Rabbit Hash, Kentucky playing a role for a bass manufacturer to promote their products on the DL.
studio54er преди 2 часа
3:26 your uncle is a Linux/Unix administrator ? ;-) Like your channel, don't be shy !!
Joshua McFarrow
Joshua McFarrow преди 4 часа
Mi hai commosso Davie, ti stiamo tantissimo! Pur standomene a galassie di distanza dalle tue skill di bassista, sono fiero di essere parte di questa famiglia! :)
command3r.Plvto преди 4 часа
I love this so much, seriously this video is amazing
Kevin Desouza
Kevin Desouza преди 5 часа
Try battle videos with youtubers .
Cool Gadgets
Cool Gadgets преди 5 часа
Very impressive... can you play bass guitar with cat sounds? btw, I love cats
Juh Peow
Juh Peow преди 5 часа
Hey davie, you are the best ! Big respect from France ,)
Joel преди 6 часа
竟然有中文cc字幕🤣 辛苦Davie女朋友😉
Călin Baciu
Călin Baciu преди 6 часа
Hi Davie, nice video. Your character is easy to understand if people would watch many of your videos. By the way, try to do something else, totally different. Buy some furniture and assemble it, do silly things and make people laugh. That's the main idea, right?
Arnold Martinez
Arnold Martinez преди 6 часа
Dave, you’re a great musician, you’re creative, and you have a great sense of humor. We all have ups and downs. You’re doing just fine. Just keep it up... and thanks.
Seth McCormick
Seth McCormick преди 6 часа
His channel grew really fast i subscribed at 400k and now hes at 9 million
Jason Arencibia
Jason Arencibia преди 6 часа
I'm making a random guess that his first, or favorite bass guitar is the Yamaha TRBX504... so... Davie 504.
Jormungandr_0 преди 7 часа
are you the person that Twoset supposedly dislikes?
Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson преди 7 часа
Yet again, Davie.. Thank you for another great upload :D
Carlos Esteban Vieira
Carlos Esteban Vieira преди 7 часа
I love you davie ❣
GeneralHitblur преди 7 часа
I hope I will also get a million subs... Coz I have a lot to show to everyone...
Claudia Lopez
Claudia Lopez преди 7 часа
Your the best dude
imjonny001 преди 8 часа
Dude man - just make sure you can take care of yourself and your loved ones. much love
And New
And New преди 8 часа
I met Davie in person... he slapped me 👋
SuckaFooHead преди 9 часа
what made you wanna start playing bass?
staff преди 9 часа
honestly I havn't seen any of you're videos in my recommended since you had 4million subs. youtube algorithm is a bitch
ToFailToWin преди 9 часа
when he said "i couldn't make a good enough content" I knew he was a broken guy. All your videos are good enough and you should focus on those who watched what you like to put out. Focus on yourself and weed out the people that are just posers.
GoatyQT преди 9 часа
It was very interesting to see how hard being a BGcdr can be on your mind. Thanks for this honesty, it’s refreshing.
Barry Neil Magcosta
Barry Neil Magcosta преди 10 часа
You still amazed us davie even the ups and downs, keep rising God bless you❤️
Sam Kiely
Sam Kiely преди 10 часа
Love your content, would you consider doing some gear videos?
Jeremiah S
Jeremiah S преди 10 часа
don't give up, Davie. you're an amazing bass player and entertainer. I've been subscribed to you for longer than any of my subs, even though I'm still on the fence about liking bass or guitar more, lol
Matthew John Grabow
Matthew John Grabow преди 10 часа
"They" hated and murdered Perfect God when He walked the Earth in human form. You are in "Good" company.
GonTar TC
GonTar TC преди 10 часа
That's *True!* Its such a weird thing, the *Abyss between Viewers & the Viewed* sometimes generates these weird but strongh feelings. As a *Live Experience:* I make Bass/Drums/Gameplay Live videos on Twitch with my GirlFriend, we hoped we could *get Davie504 to see us,* when he was passing by the *Purple BGcd* not donate to us, but just know we were working hard so we could reach our goal, wich was *JUST being "seen"* by HIM, since he did impact us and made us go for content creation to make us and others feel better, we never had big numbers back then, we were starting step by step, but we put a lot of effort to reach Davie, we still didn't get noticed by sempai, but all that effort we put for him payed off for us! -Thanks to him, We reached a bigger audience, and then, just like he describes now, we got stuck, we didn't knew how to continue, it was a all going too fast, we felt a faceless presence expecting better from us, and we had a lot of pressure, for Live Streaming Pushes harder on your Clock and on your Shoulders, than Standard Video Editing and Platforms. -And so we came to know this feeling Davie504 Describes, we had sad times and we were going down, it feels weird, a couple number on a screen makes you feel sad, but reality is, you blame yourself so hard sometimes, for something you think its because "i'm just bad at this, i'm not good enough, that's why people leave, and they leave faster week after week" and it strikes on your feelings, the sensation of Failure he describes, hits hard on ones heart, for you put your every emotion and love in everything you make, and for a LOT of persons who liked you, it's not good enough. Davie, you are an amazing person and content creator, it's not a sitting and repeating job the one you've choosen, and it hits hard on the personal level, exposing ur self to everyone like you said, it's a double edged sword, but everyone here is here because of you, Not for Click Baits, not for Flashy and colorful thumbnails, but YOU!
Slow Hand
Slow Hand преди 11 часа
Play smoke on the water while smoking in the water
Itsuki Edits
Itsuki Edits преди 11 часа
you have 9.0M subscribers right now keep it up or should I say supporters? meh but please dont quit youtube and start youtube and repeat like I did it isn't helpful
FAMAPRUNING преди 11 часа
Sei proprio una gran persona, ed era così che ti immaginavo ❤️ complimenti 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
Jim Amsden
Jim Amsden преди 11 часа
Ok, you got me to subscribe. You are a truly unique person. Listening to you just make me feel happy. That's the best compliment ever.
Ed Rem
Ed Rem преди 12 часа
I love your videos friend.
nin stark
nin stark преди 12 часа
OMG, my man, we're with you! Stay strong. I have been trolling you around for so long ( just watch and like your video but not subscribing). That doesn't even matter since you have got more than 9 million subs but it's kind of funny for me to do so. Anyway, I decide to finally subscribe to your channel after seeing this video. I just got so depressed recently, but seeing something like this video makes me feel better. A therapist session with Davie504, awesome! I can relate a bit to your feelings. Life is hard, indeed, but who knows what could happen in the future?
Gray Gilliam
Gray Gilliam преди 13 часа
Wow, I feel like this was a therapy session for Davie himself. Beautiful video, stay funky Davie 🤚👋🤙
specific78 преди 13 часа
You probably won’t see this comment cause its 2 weeks behind 🥺. But you are awesome! I got subbed in at around the 1 mil marker, 👋. After all the vids i have seen, my personal perspective is you have to come up with a new theme for each vid. That seems hella stressful. Here’s an idea that could help lower some stress for content. Instead of coming up with a new idea of different content per vid, try having a series of vids based on one topic. That way you only have to think about one topic for several vids instead of having to think of every topic to make 1 vid. Keep up the great work & don’t let the haters bring you down to their level. 🍻
Steve Hurtado
Steve Hurtado преди 13 часа
Keep it up Davie!! You are the best my dude!!!
_DrSpaceman27_ преди 13 часа
Thanks for being you Davie. We love your content. Plenty of us have been through some rough patches. Remember your mental health is more important and we’ll still be here no matter what you’re going through !
Jekkuu преди 14 часа
I’m going to shout you out to my family Edit: the diamond bAss is going to be very nice Edit: I just took a sip of my energydrink and inhaled. Feels funny. Not on purpose though. Maybe Jk Sorry for long comment Lol
Arnab Buragohain
Arnab Buragohain преди 14 часа
Bohut morom .. Try bihu song
Jekkuu преди 14 часа
Kirian Roig I
Kirian Roig I преди 15 часа
Good video, Davie :)
David Eckmyre
David Eckmyre преди 15 часа
Davie....I slapped like now.... and it wanted more...OMG. I felt the cringe, but I need you to know I play Bass, because guitar=bad. I also need you to know I need a longer Therapy time, because by the time I get to my point you are finished and I am not done venting yet..phhhph...(water on screen)...sad...so now it's 420... I need to SLAPP the bass like you, I have played for years and years, but I don't have an Icon like you to show me..phhhph. So I will SLAPP myself until you give lessons on your secrets...a true Christian will reach out and slapp me with my need. Thanks Dave...no ie. (invision slapp here)....slapp!!!
Dio-sama преди 16 часа
pls continue the chain... AROUND THE WORLD AROUND THE WOOORLD
Dor Meod
Dor Meod преди 16 часа
Wayne Mockford
Wayne Mockford преди 16 часа
Your awesome keep it up.
Gabriel Matthew A Roy
Gabriel Matthew A Roy преди 16 часа
Stay funky🥺✊🏼
Orange System
Orange System преди 16 часа
You are a part of my Adulthood Davie and thank you for that.
Jake Daley
Jake Daley преди 17 часа
I slapped like now.
Bishamon преди 17 часа
Davie, ur videos sometimes makes me laugh, and sometimes, like now, you make me cry ;-;
Kushantha Jayaneththie
Kushantha Jayaneththie преди 17 часа
i can listen to normal davie whole day
Alexander Myhill
Alexander Myhill преди 17 часа
This was my favorite video of yours so far. Many of your other videos often end up seeming like all the others... just a re-edit of the same stuff. And, honestly, i stopped watching for a while when you started doing the therapy session stuff. It's not unlike a TV show - the plot lines need to change and characters need to develop to keep the viewership numbers. Honestly, though, i wouldn't mind seeing you focus a bit more on the music, again. Thanks for creating the content.
Greta Guido
Greta Guido преди 18 часа
u just a beautiful baby keep going !!
Mr Funnyman
Mr Funnyman преди 18 часа
i want to slap the sub button on every acc now. have a great day
Cristina Fernandez
Cristina Fernandez преди 18 часа
I would really like if you bought me a base
Anat Kalinski
Anat Kalinski преди 18 часа
Slap like so that Davie can buy new headphones
oliver nani
oliver nani преди 18 часа
Can u do a travel to or channel
Mazeo The Great
Mazeo The Great преди 18 часа
Its already 1:17 am here in my country and my depression and anxiety is attacking me right now and I can't sleep so I went to youtube app then this video shows and while watching this video makes me happy the way you laugh, thank you :)
C 2 O DELIRIOUS преди 9 часа
Get a gym membership king
A casa di Luca
A casa di Luca преди 19 часа
Che figata vedere l'essere umano dietro Davie504. Me lo sono davvero goduto questo video. Un grande in bocca al lupo per il futuro!
coco de gamba ASMR
coco de gamba ASMR преди 19 часа
Zen преди 19 часа
This was a plot twist video cause we are the ones that listened to him and the therapy sounds in the bg xD anyways hi davie! I want to say thank you for making me happy you are one of the reasons i enjoyed 2020 and also i started playing the bass! Hope you are doing well and also thank you very much for the videos you made cause i can make it through any day as long as i watch them! HAHAH im always gonna stay funky and stay slapping the like button! Sorry if this is a long comment (if you read it tho) HAHA welp thats all i wanted to say cause you made me happy.
SHAWNA CARNER преди 19 часа
i really appreciate you being so real and open with us, thank you for all you do.
SkipTheMercenary преди 19 часа
Video Suggestion: If ye don't know what videos to create, just do a few song covers, its a lot less difficult and people still love music covers
Nuri Khadem
Nuri Khadem преди 19 часа
Hey Davie504, I did not care much for music or the bass. But I care for You, because I like You as a person (or what I see of You at least). That is why I subscribed and why I watch Your videos every now and then and I will stay a subscriber. I think many people feel like this. Thank You for being so nice, calming and funny! And passionate! Also, now I care for the bass somewhat ^^
Alovatololo преди 20 часа
I know it was a bit naive of me but I clicked on the video expecting him to sound different, like he was just pretending to be Italian.
Stephen Strange
Stephen Strange преди 20 часа
When YT and FB and Twatter manipulate our follower/subscriber numbers for politics it's really sad. Really controlled propaganda, not for the good. It's important to keep positive by having positive reminders around you in your life, especially when a depressive or addictive character. I wish you well - there are so many more like us out there.
Mariam Alkadri
Mariam Alkadri преди 21 час
Stay strong, we love your content. Respect!
Rhusnick. преди 21 час
can i get 10 percent of your subscriberz? just 10 percent only🥺🥺🥺
David Q. Gacias
David Q. Gacias преди 22 часа
he's uncle reallt said that? woah
K4'Just'K.O преди 22 часа
✨ normal ✨
stuart rouse
stuart rouse преди 22 часа
you have great content, and a likeable personality Davie.......and awesome talent on bass!
Jake Harvey
Jake Harvey преди 23 часа
Grignion Galicia
Grignion Galicia преди 23 часа
Because of you I bought my first bass after saving money for the whole year!
Julia Stone
Julia Stone преди ден
Omg. This is a serious video??? I love you.
Deen преди ден
rupam chowdhury
rupam chowdhury преди ден
Davie what happened to violin chan
Lemon Toast
Lemon Toast преди ден
Anyone catch he always shifts his head to the left when he starts talking
rupam chowdhury
rupam chowdhury преди ден
Davie I have a yt channel and I sing songs , dance and play the keyboard so do u know to to beat a copycat coz when I uploaded my first vid my bestie did her first vid the same I did the faded song cover so she did the same and she has more followers than me even though she copied Davie what should. I do coz I am just new in yt and I don't l don't know what to do in these kind of situation and my mom told me not to do like raps or anything coz she was my first best friend
TideHax BS
TideHax BS преди ден
You uploaded this on feb 17th my birthday
john paul marumas
john paul marumas преди ден
We never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna unsubscribe And UNLIKE YOUR VIDEOS
Crash & Burn
Crash & Burn преди ден
are you keith habersberger from the try guys? 😬
JokeR's Movie Network
JokeR's Movie Network преди ден
Fantastic video. If you don't slap like, you're wrong.
Damián "el Salsuero"
Damián "el Salsuero" преди ден
It's pretty simple. Hate = Envy.
roevskagg преди ден
I haven't been following you for a very long time, just a few weeks, but dude... I feel you. It is very common to have doubts about oneself, and I can only imagine the pressure of millions of subs "relying" on you to make content every now and then. Not too long ago I took some woodworking classes. In my very low periods, all I did was compare to the ones who were objectively more skilled (ie. more experienced) than me, and that made me feel even worse. It's HARD man, it's very hard to always have a strong belief in oneself. But hey. You did get to 9M because you what you do, no one can take that away from you. Not even you. =) I do love the way you have videos ranging from BASS to SLAPPING to MORE BASS but also talking about what is essentially feelings, and mental health. This is something very necessary for all people out there, especially during what's going on with Covid. Take care Davie.
Blackbox YT
Blackbox YT преди ден
Since im not that good in english im gonna try Idea:Make a live music battle with your friends where the viewers will decide which topic you'll play
Sava Gligorijević
Sava Gligorijević преди ден
First I didn't like you, but watching this videoy mind changed.
Just Dave
Just Dave преди ден
Honestly it probably took some courage and a willingness to embrace a certain level of discomfort to be completely honest in this way and I really respect that. You make quality content and are an obviously talented musician and while I understand getting views is important I don't think it's something that necessarily accurately quantifies your validity as a person and a musician or even as a BGcdr and I'm glad you acknowledged that any negativity usually reflects more on the person being negative than on yourself. I hope that if you try to do some different kinds of content that's outside of your norm and comfort zone in the future that you don't get discouraged from expanding your horizons or trying new things based solely on the view count and can still feel validated just based on doing what you feel passionate about and being genuine and sincere as a person.
scon zilius
scon zilius преди ден
hey man, you've made me laugh on numerous occasions and i thank you for your work and look forward to more posts in the future. p.s, I'm a guitarist 😝💋
Bryan преди ден
Sash YT
Sash YT преди ден
9mil subs, now you can afford replacement ear pads for your headphones! Your current ones seem to be falling apart :)
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