I Speak Normally For The First Time EVER

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Speaking and sharing some thoughts about the past few years
also real personality reveal here
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Davie504 преди 2 месеца
thanks for the nice comments 🙏🙏🙏
Ermoldavo 34
Ermoldavo 34 преди 11 дни
E' tutto Ok Davie!
Alexia Bazan
Alexia Bazan преди 14 дни
Thanks for existing ❤
Diego Morali
Diego Morali преди 24 дни
Thanks for sharing this. :)
leprofdemusique73 преди месец
you are still weird and it won't change for me ... NEVER :! ;)
Samuel Chng
Samuel Chng преди 2 месеца
Larry Atkins
Larry Atkins преди 2 часа
You're incredible, Davie. Keep on keeping on.
"Wait... you are Spiderman?"
Fernando Carvalho
Fernando Carvalho преди 5 часа
Davie504 you are the Best! Forget all about the hate! We, who like your content, that matter... Everytime that i start watching your videos i can't stop! Keep your good job!
Play Station
Play Station преди 6 часа
Give the man a new headphone sponsor 😂
John White
John White преди 7 часа
Very nice. I find your show very entertaining, and inspiring.
Persephone P
Persephone P преди 7 часа
5.46 million people live in Scotland Davie has 9.32 millions subs wow epico
Kikísek Scótermann
Kikísek Scótermann преди 8 часа
Fuk u haterz. Dis gui is TOP.
Ethereal Owls
Ethereal Owls преди 9 часа
A talented and humble person. Rock on Davie504.
Matthew Sandy
Matthew Sandy преди 11 часа
I feel down these days too Davie504, watching your videos really brightens my day. Thank you dude. P.s I don’t even play bass!!!!!!!! Shh I play the gui....SLAP!
Emerson Renaki
Emerson Renaki преди 11 часа
That video heat my heart, Thanks Davie, Hug from Brazil
Jonie Ferran
Jonie Ferran преди 16 часа
You look like Stallone.
Valentin Treskunov
Valentin Treskunov преди 17 часа
Just want to say your content and respect for other instruments inspires me to continue to play music and grow. You are always entertaining to watch, only BGcdr I really binge when I get busy and revisit old content from time to time.
Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas преди 18 часа
Those three words in this part of the video 9:52 was a reference to his old videos
Lukekyle Pecadizo
Lukekyle Pecadizo преди 20 часа
try making a vlog :^
Leah Ashe
Leah Ashe преди 21 час
☁🎈🎈☁🎈🎈☁ 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈 ☁🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈☁ ☁☁🎈🎈🎈☁☁ ☁☁☁🎈☁☁☁
Toxic Lion
Toxic Lion преди 23 часа
People on the street: 😌 Davie504: do u play base? Person: no I do not pla.... Davie504: SLAP
Tom Leon
Tom Leon преди ден
Davie: Thanks for 9M subs. Rest of the 0.32M subs:
Akira Uema
Akira Uema преди ден
One of my favourite David504 videos so far!
Em's Gems
Em's Gems преди ден
I love this. So raw and real.
TeamPATRON преди ден
Do some Serbian Uzivo bass ... btw Love your Videos , Greetings from Germany Hamburg
Flint Pet
Flint Pet преди ден
Anyone eles shiny hunting during this?
Flint Pet
Flint Pet преди ден
Hey, im starting to play bass. Maby you could do some easy lessons. Or tips and tricks
Davidson Panzin
Davidson Panzin преди ден
I thought you were Wally. Are you sure about that?
I am 【ПΣӨMΣGΛ】 преди ден
My uncle once said 🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Krish Mainali
Krish Mainali преди ден
This man is talented He can reaveal every thing that exists
Zacknir преди ден
this is very touching. Thank you Davie
rosscosr1 преди ден
Great vid! great advice at the end. Keep doing what makes you happy mate. Thank you
Sir Panda
Sir Panda преди ден
Remember that views not only depend on how interesting the video is , it also depends on youtube algorithme and hidden ad rules on which you have no influence. Do your thing, enjoy!
sahil jamal
sahil jamal преди ден
Come to visit India too.
Marko Rossie
Marko Rossie преди ден
9.32 M subscribers but only 923 patreons. Life isn't fair enough
Suu_Arts преди 2 дни
i think your laugh is amazing😉
Marcus Dull
Marcus Dull преди 2 дни
By far, your best video this far. Appreciation and gratefulness for your efforts this far. Please keep it up!
SplitRensonator преди 2 дни
Haters gonna hate dude, let it wash over you like water over a goose (a bass duck)
Tyler Uzi
Tyler Uzi преди 2 дни
Love you brother we’re all human you don’t have to be perfect and we don’t expect you to be just keep doing your thing and make content that makes you happy and that you have fun with and enjoy! You’re the man no pressure
Hanie Fan of Mia
Hanie Fan of Mia преди 2 дни
Hi David it's Haniye from Iran.I hope u read it all...actually 2nights ago my favourit utuber "mia plays" uploaded a chit chat video n in a part they talked abt u n ur funny videos so I serached ur name n ur videos really attracted me though I dont play any musical instruments. It is just2days that I know u but when I was watching this video I was thinking that there can be found more thungs than bass in ur channle! Understanding ur favourit utuber's feeling n personality ,learning from them ,doing what u love n never giving up. I am so happy to discover u mr.504=) n I promiss to send as much as positive energy I can to make u stay n go on as well. BTW fabs will love u whatever u be.never blame ur self.ur videos r awsome man!♡♡♡
mamad end
mamad end преди 2 дни
Samuel. Z García
Samuel. Z García преди 2 дни
casi lloro wachin
Patrick Stoute
Patrick Stoute преди 2 дни
Nicobot преди 2 дни
Thank you.
Jianthaolung Gonmei
Jianthaolung Gonmei преди 2 дни
Amtcboy преди 2 дни
What’s your ethnicity, and your GF’s? Do you regularly play with a band?
Wi Ez
Wi Ez преди 3 дни
Thats really deep
Alexander Rieger
Alexander Rieger преди 3 дни
bcourter82 преди 3 дни
One of your best videos Davie.
olon1993 преди 3 дни
I only just found your youtube channel, and I've only watched about ten of your videos. I think you're very funny and super talented. This video was so wholesome and I really enjoyed it. I'm going to start going through your whole youtube catalog but my initial thoughts on what I'd like to see more of would be you playing music with others. I saw you played with The Dooo and I would love to see you play with more people. The first video of yours that caught my attention was because you're such a talented musician. Stay strong and do what makes you happy!
Giulia Calabretta
Giulia Calabretta преди 3 дни
Sending love to you❤️❤️❤️
Dawn Stanford
Dawn Stanford преди 3 дни
I am really enjoying your videos. I am a 62 year old woman who started playing the bass in my church band 5 years ago. I can play the root and some transitions, but your videos give me goals. :)
Mike Bergman
Mike Bergman преди 3 дни
You are the coolest dude. I appreciate what you do for us.
Carlos Sanchez
Carlos Sanchez преди 3 дни
it's not you Davey, lots of people are worn out from the last 12 months and find themselves unplugging from everything. things will level back, times for celebrating will return, hang in there!
Callsign: Blaze
Callsign: Blaze преди 3 дни
I don’t know why I was under the assumption that Davie didn’t get hate. Lol
Malcolm Perez
Malcolm Perez преди 4 дни
So as the ad is paused I'm calling shenanigans I'll check back after video Edit: expect a troll video Got a serious video Sweet! Winning👍👍
0011thhour преди 4 дни
This is one of your best videos in a long time. Davie I wish you the best and I check up regularly on your content. Im glad you're making these mistakes so you can see where your improvements need to come from. As far as video ideas, the subreddit thing is great, the fiverr thing I really enjoyed, the "omg my headphones are stuck " bit was great. You know what your best is, go back to your roots. Been following since before you were in the millions when you just played bass, there's a very clear line when your content became what it is now. You'll get through it.
1bluegrassbass преди 4 дни
I knew you where a great guy !
Anthony Borrego
Anthony Borrego преди 4 дни
@davie504 Yo man, I just wanna say it's OK to take your time, it's OK to take a break, doesn't mean you're giving up. I can't tell you not to care what other people want to see, but I can say that you should make videos that are genuinely fun for you to make. Maybe try being a bass teacher? Maybe try getting sponsored by a bass guitar company? You might have done these things already, idk. But I hope you're doing well and you get to where you wanna be.
Xx Riggy xX
Xx Riggy xX преди 4 дни
I didn’t scroll all the way down to the bottom on the comments but I found 16 you tubers and half of them I watch
Thomas Champagne
Thomas Champagne преди 4 дни
Here's a hint to what 504 means, his brithday is April 50th. You're welcome.
Selby Joseph
Selby Joseph преди 4 дни
Ujala Mig
Ujala Mig преди 4 дни
Well I did hesistate a lot when i first saw your video,cause i came from Feng E‘s channel and u seemed really agressive. But I took some time to double check the underneath charactor of yours and I found you quite fun and I finally pressed the subscribe button and you got one more fans from PRC. Keep on doing,play bad guy😂
realjeffrey преди 4 дни
you have betrayed us but i still am a fan (this is meant as a joke ok)
Pinky Binz
Pinky Binz преди 4 дни
Do you live in Taiwan
Jair Junior
Jair Junior преди 5 дни
Nice to see that you're aware that your videos' quality is on a steep decline recently. I unsubscribed from your channel a couple of months ago, but I came back today to see if you've responded to Felipe Andreoli's speedrun challenge video. Unfortunately, it seems like you're more concerned to make stupid jokes such as being bald. This very video talking about yourself was lovely thou.
Noe Larios
Noe Larios преди 5 дни
Davie is a thug🤙🏼😊
Kuba Biel
Kuba Biel преди 5 дни
Thank you :)
Rado Fam
Rado Fam преди 5 дни
well i now create 1000000 youtube accounts just to subscribe u
Ian M Brown
Ian M Brown преди 5 дни
Thanks for this video. It was touching and inspiring.
Douch BS
Douch BS преди 5 дни
i love you
The Phontom Detailer
The Phontom Detailer преди 6 дни
📢Keep up the great work 🎵 your videos have gotten so much better and I've always enjoyed watching them anyway ✌️
Filsdepoire преди 6 дни
My 2 cents for views : even If I slapped subscribbed, I wait some months, and then I BINGE!!! CHECKMATE SLAP. If you were wondering why you didn't get MY views yet.
Patryk Sz
Patryk Sz преди 6 дни
I hope you are better now! Thank you for this video! You are an inspiration to so many, please don't forget that. Keep being strong!
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin преди 6 дни
Thank you for your humor. It caused me to watch, while you introduced me to a style of bass that I did not know existed. Many BGcdrs try to be funny, but I have sincerely laughed out loud on more than one occasion while watching one of your videos. I hope you feel energized by your loyal fans. We love what you do and how you do it!
ethan 1402
ethan 1402 преди 6 дни
thanks davie for the laughs
Toby Young
Toby Young преди 6 дни
Your videos are a beacon of hope and pride for all bass players. Thank you.
Felipe F
Felipe F преди 6 дни
Best therapy time ever!
Ron преди 6 дни
i wanna see videos challenging and critiquing other bassists. your insights as a music expert are informative and interesting and it's hard to find that information in an entertaining way. kind of like what you used to do with fiverr. that stuff wasn't bad at all
Bean ray
Bean ray преди 6 дни
Are you able to play the base cello or a banjo, or the bagpipes or the Accordion
Chen Fang
Chen Fang преди 6 дни
Sometimes when you get lower views it doesn't necessarily mean that it is a bad video. It could be just because people are busy doing other stuff in their life. Just like me, watching this video few weeks later than others. Making new contents is always great. Creating is always great.
Bismark Feat. Ori!
Bismark Feat. Ori! преди 7 дни
This video really cheered me up. Stay funky you too 🥲😌
Ean McDonald
Ean McDonald преди 7 дни
This is my favorite video of yours! Thanks for your openness!
Ajiden Jamir
Ajiden Jamir преди 7 дни
You are awesome ❤️✨
female titan
female titan преди 7 дни
Saw this 2 months later! Stay funky!
Bongai Chibindi
Bongai Chibindi преди 7 дни
And that be the reason i thought u were French🙆🏾🤣
Bongai Chibindi
Bongai Chibindi преди 7 дни
Your name reminds me of my Peugeot 504 that i left in Africa mate🥺😅. Are you called that because the 504 is a French legend?
rawdelicious преди 7 дни
nana bans
nana bans преди 7 дни
Anyways I'm subscribing can't believe I just found you today, now 😔
nana bans
nana bans преди 7 дни
No home boi you shouldn't invalidate your feelings. Gotta acknowledge them, but don't let them take over you aight! 😼👌
w13rdguy преди 8 дни
Congratulations, weirdo.
Konata Izumi
Konata Izumi преди 7 дни
Shut up
Antonio Roberto Tedesco
Antonio Roberto Tedesco преди 8 дни
Bella Davide 😉
somma pt
somma pt преди 8 дни
EPIC, we don’t want the NWO we want more videos of DAVIE504
Alex Davis
Alex Davis преди 8 дни
That water bill line......Sykkuno?!
Evil Luigi
Evil Luigi преди 8 дни
Been subscribed since 2016 and you've never answered any of my comments :(
Philip Finney
Philip Finney преди 8 дни
Keepin it Real Bro, luv the Channel , Stay Strong and the Passion for Bass Shines thru 👍
LesPauloCaster преди 8 дни
Thanks for doing this! The approach you took on this video made me feel I was listening to a good old friend. It's nice to see you out of character too.
Kiko преди 8 дни
i hope he can slapp me in public
Justin Allan Ward
Justin Allan Ward преди 8 дни
I literally cried through the whole video!!! Absolutely love you, beau.
BlazinNSoul преди 8 дни
I'm actually a shy person impossible lol. Davie is one of the World's Most Fascinating People I have now concluded. :)
Nima Sharifi
Nima Sharifi преди 8 дни
Who else finally subbed after seeing this video?
Rich Luna
Rich Luna преди 9 дни
Davie said “BASSically” 504 times in this video.
EntropyCoM преди 9 дни
Many wise words said. More of this... not that you stop to "play" you role. But some of this occasionally would really make it even more viewable... Thanks Davie
I finally found out who narrated the first OK COMPUTER track
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