Demon Slayer but it's on BASS
преди 8 дни
Apology for what I did
преди 2 месеца
I play the SAXOPHONE for the first time EVER
I play the PIANO for the first time EVER
I'm in a movie
преди 2 месеца
Try Not To Laugh Challenge  * IMPOSSIBLE *
преди 2 месеца
How To Cook The Best Spaghetti EVER
преди 2 месеца
guitar is better than bass
преди 3 месеца
I Played Bass Under Water
преди 3 месеца
Did He Just Play an IMPOSSIBLE Bassline??
My Girlfriend Challenged Me to a BASS BATTLE
Donating to Musicians Streamers with 0 Viewers
This is my old SECRET channel...
преди 3 месеца
Uncle Roger said WHAT about Me??
преди 3 месеца
Billy G
Billy G преди 22 часа
jojo reference
Axan50 Transport Expert
Axan50 Transport Expert преди 22 часа
Definitely the machine gun bass,never seen one of those before.But that mayonaise at the end tho....
marialena ho
marialena ho преди 22 часа
Wow! You have sung so great for 1st time.🎵🎵🎵🎵✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😁😁😁😁😁😁
Николай Снежневский
Николай Снежневский преди 22 часа
Hahahahahah, you both like Russia
Ch Sekhar Kumar Sanapala
Ch Sekhar Kumar Sanapala преди 22 часа
Just seeing his reaction I am laughing 😂
Tash Mount
Tash Mount преди 22 часа
Nani ?
Evos Ray
Evos Ray преди 22 часа
My Favorite Is The $105 Guy
Ali Hazmi
Ali Hazmi преди 22 часа
this video release in bulan puasa
Nakul Ghate
Nakul Ghate преди 22 часа
No love for John Paul Jones :(
SmashCaffe преди 22 часа
panzersoldat преди 22 часа
Sent this to my girlfriend. He said Davie is a great guitar player. She is my ex now.
PoProstuMieciek преди 22 часа
very impressive but i miss your old videos. videos just like this one
Allen Raymund Ante
Allen Raymund Ante преди 22 часа
Bass is poop
Giacomo Carofiglio
Giacomo Carofiglio преди 22 часа
Grazie, per Magnolia ❤️
ninoto chisho
ninoto chisho преди 22 часа
Wtf India
John Winston
John Winston преди 22 часа
Whaaaaat????? Flea bass???
Wyatt's Adventures
Wyatt's Adventures преди 22 часа
play the barritone sax
mi0lk преди 23 часа
but like...his outfit is so cute...
John Michael Diche
John Michael Diche преди 23 часа
1:05 that guy look like me NOT COOL
Ch an
Ch an преди 23 часа
the you both like russia guy is so cute
Milton Henrique
Milton Henrique преди 23 часа
My favorite anime is Naruto... Can u play any song of Naruto?
AKRAM AMEUR преди 23 часа
Omg the dooooo
dap p
dap p преди 23 часа
A little on the beta side Davie
Michael Gray
Michael Gray преди 23 часа
Tal is a beast on Bass
Bhavya Jain
Bhavya Jain преди 23 часа
Awesome, but can you do it with a unplugged fretless bass??
Joseph Nathaniel
Joseph Nathaniel преди 23 часа
A dude plays bass in a weird way A dude plays guitar in a weird way A dude plays piano in a weird way Me: What the hell what's wrong with this ppl in this video???
marialena ho
marialena ho преди 23 часа
Wow! You managed to play the hardest guitar riff on your bass. That's so awesome!
SmashCaffe преди 23 часа
Love how Davie uses this videos to explore his gender. Love your diversity 💚
Nah u Don't know me
Nah u Don't know me преди 23 часа
Backstreet boys 504 do not exist he can't hurt you Backstreet boys 504 :
Nawu преди 23 часа
Arrgghh! Dammit! To be continued 😂
Devasri Chippada
Devasri Chippada преди 23 часа
Mark IT show
Mark IT show преди 23 часа
I'm Me
I'm Me преди 23 часа
I accidentally sent this to my gf. And she loves me more.
Sweet Dreams CH
Sweet Dreams CH преди 23 часа
BOCAH WAGU TV преди 23 часа
I m laugh
kpop hair colour Changer
kpop hair colour Changer преди 23 часа
Davie can't control his laugh when it comes to india
khyoda Tada
khyoda Tada преди 23 часа
O.53 Indian lady Bohut hi acha hai(very nice)🤣
【waveless】 【time】
【waveless】 【time】 преди 23 часа
i would totally recognise i mean he's 6'3
Stenly преди 23 часа
02:51 is there a song of this?,i really enjoy it tho,so please tell me if you know,hehe
Руслан Бекиров
Руслан Бекиров преди 23 часа
Не похоже немного
Joel преди 23 часа
JoJo's Bizarre Davie
Storm Hoffmann
Storm Hoffmann преди 23 часа
when you guitar gives more content than bass
KingyWhyTea преди 23 часа
If Davie made videos on the hub I’d slap that bass
Millennium Meditations & Worship
Millennium Meditations & Worship преди 23 часа
So cool!
David Velicu
David Velicu преди 23 часа
Im romanian
Jake Harvey
Jake Harvey преди 23 часа
Sultan Abussalam Arif
Sultan Abussalam Arif преди 23 часа
Awesome SLAP Jam ! Checkmate !
Sky преди 23 часа
davie tocando forró, eu vivi pra esse momento
athankian mabute
athankian mabute преди 23 часа
Drek Eater of worlds
Drek Eater of worlds преди 23 часа
Yo you are da do
David Lugo
David Lugo преди 23 часа
I challenge You to speak spanish.... In the next video...
David Lugo
David Lugo преди 23 часа
Davie, You can speak spanish??
Nathan Fanai
Nathan Fanai преди 23 часа
4:55 can someone tell me whos this is....sounds like polyphia kinda
Boboy Malinao
Boboy Malinao преди 23 часа
As much as I like the videos, the zooms just make me feel so nauseous :(
Banana Juice
Banana Juice преди 23 часа
I live in Texas I have been watching your channel for 3 years and I love bass because it sounds lower than guitar
King of Lag
King of Lag преди 23 часа
Black Spear
Black Spear преди 23 часа
3:56 i heard *well cum*
Eiiwkajsdl преди 23 часа
*We've Been Tricked, We've Been Backstabbed and We've Been Quite Possibly, Bamboozled*
dawrapper преди 23 часа
John Smith
John Smith преди 23 часа
He has 6 strings that is cheating deserves two hand 👐 slapp
K A I O преди 23 часа
Trolling? Davie woman is something that all bAss players would like to have.
CX • DEVASTATOR преди 23 часа
I loved Ascend on bass!
Leeroy Jenkins
Leeroy Jenkins преди 23 часа
2:55 "You both like russia" Да, да я
Grignion Galicia
Grignion Galicia преди 23 часа
Because of you I bought my first bass after saving money for the whole year!
TheCRTman преди 23 часа
I specifically came here for the underground theme at 0:32 and was not disappointed!! Perfection. I couldn't find another video of it played in slap style in the correct key & time, but you did it like a boss!
Gustavs Melngalvis
Gustavs Melngalvis преди 23 часа
You should do this, but play sweet homee Aalabamaaa
Adrian Romero
Adrian Romero преди 23 часа
Bro I legit think that he can play every instrument not just 🅱️ASS
y/n преди 23 часа
therapy time is the best
Senmetwo преди 23 часа
I'm not just a number, I still love your vids. Stay funky bro. Your true fans adore you.
Syazwan Mohd
Syazwan Mohd преди 23 часа
I know this is kinda weird but *dem legs tho*
Jisrael Sta Ana
Jisrael Sta Ana преди 23 часа
Slap that Titan.
Quantum Gaming
Quantum Gaming преди 23 часа
U should name this series Girl504 not anime bassist